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How to Deal with Snowstorms

It's winter here in the Copper Country and that means SNOW.

To keep from going crazy, the fact of snow has to be embraced with open arms. This weekend we are predicted to get up to 15 inches or more of the white stuff, and since it's been snowing big fluffy flakes all morning-

Safe bet we will likely get the amount predicted.

At least we don't name our storms.

I was watching the weather channel at the doctor's office last week while I was waiting for my baby check-up. The people on the show were discussing a named winter storm out in the mountains and I laughed a little to myself. If we named winter storms around here, we'd run out of names.

Last I checked, the snow report total for Keweenaw County this year is already 167.3 inches (almost 14 feet). And it's still got a long way to go before winter is over.

The snow is inevitable- like death and taxes. So what's a person to do?

Play in it, duh.
Sure, we have to move it, drive in it, dress appropriately for i…
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Working While Pregnant

Working in an office while pregnant has some challenges.

Now, compared to a lot of other jobs, an office setting where you sit at a desk most of the day isn't too horrible of a job to be at while pregnant. As long as you remember to occasionally get up and walk around, it's pretty manageable.
But this post isn't about the physical issues with working while pregnant. It's my rant about the people.
I like my co-workers in a general sense. My office environment is pretty casual (we can wear jeans and sneakers if we want) and it's a small group (about 15 people) so any issues that arise are often quickly resolved.
But because of this casual atmosphere, which I usually love, almost every co worker has taken it upon themselves to make some awkward comment regarding my new mommy status.
So here's how I'm dealing with the following types of people while pregnant:
The guy who can't remember asking about all the details before
There's a guy in my office who ha…

Snowshoeing While Pregnant

I finally got to use my new snowshoes! For those of you who have been following along, you know from my previous post that everyone in our family got snowshoes this year for Christmas and I was ridiculously excited about it. The kids' reaction to them was as "meh" as I had figured it would be, but they both ended up out in the woods with Hubby for a few hours to try them out.

Today I got the chance to strap on my pair and head out to the far edge of our property with Hubby when he got home from work. We didn't go all the way to the edge of the property since it drops down into a ravine. At 35 weeks pregnant I prefer flat surfaces, so we mostly strolled (can you stroll in snowshoes?) around our yard. But it was the farthest back on the property I've been since we bought the place so it was a fun adventure.

Now you're probably thinking that trudging through the snow in snowshoes at this stage of pregnancy sounds exhausting. Not going to lie, it kind of is. So he…

New Year, Some Goals

Happy 2020!

Today doesn't feel much different from yesterday. But it's regardless a fresh beginning, even if only a date on the calendar.

We started out this morning with bright sunshine but still plenty cold- perfect January weather.

This is the time when people usually talk about resolutions and changes they are going to make. I don't have any changes I plan to make this week, but I do have aspirations and goals for the coming year ahead. I don't usually make resolutions any more. In the past decade, very few of them made it to February and so I've found making a few main goals for the year works better than "resolutions" to change things.

Of course, baby will be arriving in a short while and so most of my upcoming plans revolve around him. There's lots left to do and I've been putting off a lot of it until the holidays were over. So I guess my first goal for 2020 is to be prepared when baby arrives.

Additionally I'd like to expand my blog h…

I Don't Always Like My Step Children

This week has been difficult.  I've been struggling to deal with the step kids being in the house.
I don't know if it's because I'm uncomfortably pregnant and just want peace and quiet, or if I genuinely don't like the step kids some days.
But this week they are just on my nerves. Every noise is too loud, they seem to be arguing with each other constantly, and this morning the first words out of stepson's mouth were to complain his sister had more time with the TV than him today (at 9am). UGH.
I know my home is about to lose every tranquil moment for the foreseeable future. With baby on the way- and we're getting close now- I crave quiet and alone like mad as I desperately try to suck up the last fragments of quiet. I don't even want to hang out with Hubby, really. If I could lock myself in the house alone for a week I totally would.
Not exactly an option when it's literally the season of visiting with people.
Hubby went to work today and I've be…

Christmas Peanut Butter Blossom Cookies

Yesterday was the winter solstice, the darkest and coldest time of year. Well, it isn't really the coldest. Earlier in the week would have been the coldest. Wednesday's windchill was a balmy -25°F. We've been having a warm snap rolling in to the weekend (it's currently 42°F). Heck the sun is even out right now. But the days have been undeniably short. Hubby and I both are shocked when we want to crawl in to bed but the clock only says 6pm. We've also been up to our eyeballs in snowfall and are measuring in at a little over 110 inches already this year. #winterproblems

Christmas is right around the corner.
In preparation, Christmas cookies are on the to-do list. I'll likely make others yet before the week is up (the step kids will be here soon and I have to find something to keep them away from screens for the next 7 days) but the Peanut Butter Blossoms from the back of the Hershey's Kisses bag- they are my to-die-for cookie.
As a kid, every holiday season my…

Tis the Season

It's officially the Christmas season now. In direct contrast to my last post, now that it's December I've fully embraced the Christmas preparation. 90% of it though, is trying to decide what gifts to get everyone. Hubby is notoriously hard to shop for. He likely feels the same way about me. And honestly this year I didn't even know what to ask for.
I've got everything I want at the moment. A warm home, a loving husband, a few kids, a baby on the way, plenty of food. All I really want is a job I can do from my home- and I'll start working remotely as part of my maternity leave in January.
I told my mom to get me wool socks (my go-to request for 6 years in a row now). I told Hubby I wanted an exercise birthing ball (which I was planning to buy regardless by the end of the year). There's really nothing I badly want that can be wrapped in gift paper.
I've never been this content in my adult life and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Being this content ha…

Why I Hate Black Friday

Okay, so hate might be too strong a word, but I really don't like the practice of Black Friday.
I'm not a monster, I like a good shopping deal, but I have issues with Black Friday in particular. For starters, it isn't just a single day anymore. Retailers (Walmart being by far the worst offender I've seen so far) have been advertising Black Friday sales since before Halloween. HALLOWEEN! Which is 2 months before Christmas!

Are we even going to bother celebrating Thanksgiving? Probably should just skip it, since that holiday doesn't net nearly enough profit for retailers.

On that note, it's the commercialization of holidays that really grinds my gears. The moment Halloween sales begin to dwindle, they jump right to coaxing people into the store with all things Christmas season... it's just disgusting. None of the holidays, Halloween included, are meant to be about SHOPPING.

Gift giving is meant to have meaning. Sure picking out something you got on sale can fe…

Loving Through the Mess- Painting

Hubby and I have almost finished painting at the new house. 
We've been living here a few weeks now, but it's starting to finally feel like ours and not just someone else's place we are squatting in. As I mentioned in my previous post about moving while pregnant, we bought our new family home from smokers- who were gross enough to smoke indoors. Which meant there was no removing the smoke from some things. After lots of cleaning (hello vinegar), throwing away of window treatments (they were ugly anyway), odor sealing primer, and fresh paint you can't tell there were once smokers here.

And damn was I shocked at how much the smoke residue was stressing me out.
I haven't always been such a neat freak. I used to spend a lot of time in places that reeked of cigarette smoke in college, and didn't think twice about it. But when I got pregnant, the reading material about foods I couldn't eat sent me into a spiral about all the poisons out there that we can be expose…

Shoveling Snow While Pregnant

Winter is unavoidable here.

Winter in the Copper Country starts in November and lasts until May. This means that no matter when you're due, if you're pregnant in the Upper Peninsula, you will at some point be pregnant in the winter.

That means shoveling.

Shoveling while growing a tiny human inside your body is a game changer when it comes to this particular winter task. Ideally you won't have to shovel while you're pregnant (here's where Hubby needs to do his best to help). Having someone else to shovel isn't always practical though, so sometimes it takes a little SISU** to get by. But let's start with the basics. In order to successfully and SAFELY pull off snow removal in our pregnant state- we must first be shoveling by the rules everyone should follow.

*Disclaimer: Every pregnancy is different. Consult your doctor regarding what is best for you as an individual.*

**SISU is a Finnish word. It kind of means "perseverance" but it can mean all sort…